Photo de Muriel Vandergucht Psychologue

I have a degree in psychological and pedagogical sciences (ULB) and I am an accredited psychologist and member of the Commission des Psychologues (accreditation number 712207511).

I first worked for a long time in the intercultural and psychosocial aid sector.

My experience in development cooperation in Chile and Bolivia has enriched me a lot. I enjoy meeting other cultures and environments. I am fascinated by the discovery of different ways of thinking.

About fifteen years ago, I opened my own psychological practice in Brussels (Etterbeek). I receive clients in French and Spanish.

My mentors

My career as a psychotherapist is influenced by various currents. I have done a lot of personal (psychoanalytical) work, which is essential for helping others. The humanistic approach and its values of authenticity, respect and trust in the other deeply influence my work. The creativity and optimism of Milton Erickson (founder of the new hypnosis) also touched me a lot.

Milton Erickson saw the unconscious as a great reservoir of resources that we can draw on. Far from pathologising people, he saw in them the strengths they have.

I really enjoy working with sophrology and hypnosis: experiencing and having people experience the “modified state of consciousness”. Most people are amazed at how easy it is, under hypnosis, to release the pressure. In today’s society, dominated by the pressure for profitability, efficiency or excellence, it seems to me imperative to give oneself a time for oneself: a time where there is nothing else to do but to let oneself be.

I am currently continuing my supervision and training in the field of mindfulness, virtual reality therapy and person-centred therapy.

For a more detailed overview of my activities and professional background, you can check my Linkedin profile.
If you would like to make an individual appointment or if you would like more information about my services, please contact me by phone at 0477.689.812 or via the contact page of this website.

My collaborations and affiliations


POBOS is a bilingual company on a human scale that specialises in the psychosocial support of employees. It intervenes in the event of traumatic events and in the case of psychosocial problems such as burn-out or relational difficulties.


I collaborate with the multidisciplinary obesity treatment centre of the Cliniques de l’Europe, EUROBESITY, notably by carrying out pre-operative psychological assessments.


I am a member of the Association Francophone de Psychothérapie Centrée sur la Personne et Expérientielle. I continue my training through clinical days, supervisions (consultation with another psychotherapist) and intervisions (team work on clinical situations).

Commission des Psychologues
I am a member of the Commission of Psychologists. This means that I am bound by a code of ethics and that I have an accreditation number (useful for the reimbursement of sessions by certain mutual insurance companies).